TEXT OF READING 195-51 M 44 (Realtor; Mfgr. of Auto

Accessories) This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his office, 115 West 35th Street, Virginia Beach, Va., this 7th day of April, 1928, in accordance with request made by the self, Mr. [195].


Edgar Cayce; Mrs. Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Mr. L. B. Cayce.


Time of Reading 12:10 Noon - Eastern Standard Time. ..., Ohio.

1. GC: You will have before you the body and the enquiring mind of [195] of ..., Ohio, also his association with [900], [137], and [4666] in promotion of [4666] Motors. You will interpret the dreams as I give them, and advise whether last named dream is a warning as to procedure relative to any part of [4666] incorporating, and, or patent application, and, or any individual connected with the development, or in patent procedure. You will also advise whether the written theory (that I hold now in my hand) for the reason of the working of the [4666] Motor in opposition to the law of the Conservation of Energy is correct. You will either add to this theory or correct same. [See written theory in 195-51, Par. R2.]

2. EC: Yes, we have the body, the enquiring mind, [195] - this we have had before.

3. In the physical, it would be well for the body to use the inhalant as has been given, for clarification of conditions affecting the mucus membranes of nostrils and throat. Do this. [See 195-39 on 1/17/27 advising inhalant 538-18 for Mr. [195].]

4. As for those conditions as given, or held here, respecting the activity that is generated in the various forces as are brought in that relativity of position and condition that brings into play, or action, such elements or force - this [is] the manifestation of ONE element of relativity of force. Hence, as has been given, [in 4665-3, Par. 3-A] this may be clarified with the addition of besprangled leads. [See dictionary definition of these terms in Par. R1.]

5. In the conditions arising in the varied effects created, these are in the general manner properly expressed or shown in that as held here.

6. As for dreams, and the interpretation - ready for same.

7. (Q) On or about March 20 - 28 - at ..., Ohio. Dreamed that I was exercising in Kansas City. Walking up and down beside train taking me from Los Angeles to Chicago. I realized that I had left my overcoat in station and started for it when thought came to me that train might start. As I stood there undecided, the train started rapidly and I started running for vestibule. I couldn't make headway (as is customary in dreams) and I seemed to say to myself, this is only a dream as I can't run. With that thought I was released and ran easily and caught the train.
(A) Here we have emblematically presented to the body those conditions as respecting trains, and losses, and recuperations, and the various effects as are created by the understanding of the relation between dream and that presented, or represented, or given to the body for use with same. Here we find a definite place - Kansas City, the center or head from which radiates certain railroads that are to be in various combines, and through the activity of the entity there may be gained - or the information may be used by the entity or body to gain for self those of mercenary conditions that will add to the abilities of the entity to accomplish many of the things as have been set forth by the entity to be gained through same. Do that, and use same in that manner.

8. (Q) Friday night or Saturday morning - early hours March 31st, on train between N.Y. and Washington, D.C. Dreamed I was in my apartment in ..., Ohio. My partner was crawling on the floor trying to get away from burglars. With that feeling of burglars present I then seemed to be in a sleeping car berth and again bandits were on train going through coaches and looting travelers. The bandit was arguing with some woman near my berth, so I hid my purse - then woke up.
(A) Here we have the warning to the entity regarding those conditions surrounding that the entity entertaining the idea of launching or presenting, see? There are many elements entering in, as is seen in the various forms of banditry, and of those that are presented. These, as have been given - well that the conditions be kept well under the supervision, advice, control and action of the body, as respecting the motor, until completed and preparations are made to handle or dispose of same, see?

9. (Q) I am holding explanation of working of [4666] Motor. [See 195-51, Par. R2.] You will correct this or add to it, so that on demonstration of motor in patent office the theory of why the machine works may be given in an intelligent way.
(A) This, as has been given, is the proper explanation, in the general way, of that taking place in the operation of the motor. Hence that as has been given as may be added to make this more perfect in operation, but that relativity of force as is generated by the air, water, or the varied conditions existing between the action of the two, in the manner as presented, is the proper explanation, and - may be seen - a WORKABLE condition. We are through.